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Wayne County Wellness Challenge

The Wayne County Wellness Challenge is designed to include people of all fitness and activity levels whether already active or not. This challenge is open to ALL county businesses, schools, churches or groups.


The goal of this challenge is to create a team within your place of work/school/church to compete on a daily challenge of how active we can become. Points will be awarded for minutes exercised, not based on how hard you exercise or what kind! (Max 3 pts./day)


At the completion of the 10 weeks, there will be a 5K Fun Run to celebrate your success and maintaining a daily exercise program! This 10 week challenge will help prepare you to complete the 5K.

Couch to 5K Plan


Each business, school, or church will enter a team or multiple teams to compete against others across the county. There will be different group sizes, each individual will use the honor system to record their daily amount of participation. (1 point/10 minutes exercised)


Become a Wellness Warrior and begin to set a positive example of maintaining a healthy lifestyle in your respected area.


Performance Level AwardsGold, Silver, and Bronze


Contest Rules

Contest Log Sheets

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If you have questions contact Bryce Kovacich 618-842-5166